There Is Never an Excuse to ignore High Blood PressureThere Is Never an Excuse to ignore High Blood Pressure

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There Is Never an Excuse to ignore High Blood Pressure

I used to thinkt that people in good health just had "healthy genes" and that daily habits didn't affect health very much. Due to that belief, when my doctor diagnosed me with high blood pressure and prescribed a medication to treat it, I didn't take it at first. I soon got a health "wake up call" when I began experiencing chest pains. My wife took me to the ER and, thankfully, they determined I wasn't having a heart attack, like I thought I was. The next day, I began taking my medication and living a healthier lifestyle. Soon, I was able to stop the medication due to my lifestyle changes, but I still monitor my blood pressure at home just to "stay on the safe side." I wanted to share my story to help others and plan to post many more health tips on my new blog.


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Needing To Lose Weight After The Holidays? Tips For You

If you have indulged or even overindulged in delicious treats and rich foods over the holidays, then you may find yourself in a position where you are trying to lose that holiday weight that you have gained. When this is the case, there are numerous methods that you can utilize to lose weight quickly and effectively. Get to know some of these different non surgical weight loss techniques as soon as possible so that you can begin losing your holiday weight as soon as possible. You will be back at your starting weight or under in no time.

Weight Loss Balloon

One of the newest and most innovative ways that a person can lose holiday weight effectively is to try a non-surgical procedure known as a weight loss balloon. As odd as it may sound, weight loss balloons can be very helpful at taking and keeping weight off.

The balloons are essentially designed to be inserted into the stomach (two balloons attached to each other, to be precise) and inflated to take up space in the stomach so that a person cannot eat as much or hold as much in their stomach as they could otherwise.

These weight loss balloons are inserted endoscopically through the mouth and then inflated once in the stomach. As such, it is a quick outpatient procedure and you can go home or about your day shortly after the procedure is complete. The balloons help you to feel full even when you have not eaten a large meal and in turn will help curb your appetite and get you on track to lose that holiday weight and keep it off.

Join a Gym and See a Nutritionist

Of course, sometimes the old-fashioned methods are just as effective as the new methods when it comes to health management and weight loss. After the holidays, it is perhaps the best time of year to join a gym and schedule an appointment with a nutritionist. Most gyms and even professional nutritionists offer discounts and deals to help those people with New Years resolutions to meet their goals.

Getting physical exercise and eating healthy can and will help you to lose weight after any holiday indulgences. Getting into a healthy routine can be difficult at first, but with the guidance of a nutritionist and some dedication you can make lifestyle changes that will help you to avoid future struggles with holiday weight gain and over-indulgences. 

With these tips in mind, you can shed those holiday pounds as quickly as possible.