There Is Never an Excuse to ignore High Blood PressureThere Is Never an Excuse to ignore High Blood Pressure

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There Is Never an Excuse to ignore High Blood Pressure

I used to thinkt that people in good health just had "healthy genes" and that daily habits didn't affect health very much. Due to that belief, when my doctor diagnosed me with high blood pressure and prescribed a medication to treat it, I didn't take it at first. I soon got a health "wake up call" when I began experiencing chest pains. My wife took me to the ER and, thankfully, they determined I wasn't having a heart attack, like I thought I was. The next day, I began taking my medication and living a healthier lifestyle. Soon, I was able to stop the medication due to my lifestyle changes, but I still monitor my blood pressure at home just to "stay on the safe side." I wanted to share my story to help others and plan to post many more health tips on my new blog.


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How To Dress For Your CT Scan

If you have been dealing with health issues, or if your doctor just wants to make sure that everything is working like it's supposed to, you might be scheduled for a CT scan of your internal organs. The idea of having a CT scan done can be quite scary, but it's a pretty standard medical procedure that should not be too big of a deal. However, you will want to make sure that you are properly dressed and prepared for your procedure, so try these tips when getting dressed and ready on the day of your appointment.

Dress Comfortably

Your appointment might take a little while, so you'll want to be comfortable. Plus, you'll be asked to lay down, and you won't want your clothing to be binding or uncomfortable. Consider wearing sweatpants, yoga pants, leggings or other comfortable pants that won't bind you on your waist or anywhere else on your body. Plus, even though you may not be asked to change clothing for your CT scan, it's good if your clothing is easy to take off and put back on, just in case you're asked to change into a gown.

Avoid Wearing Metal

Metal objects can affect your CT scan, so you'll want to avoid wearing anything that is made out of metal. For example, you won't want to wear clothing that has metal buttons or zippers, which is yet another reason why sweatpants or other similar clothing can be a good idea. Otherwise, you might be more likely to be asked to change out of your clothing, since your doctor won't want your zippers or the other metal objects on your clothing to get in the way of a successful CT scan.

You'll also want to skip wearing things like jewelry, dentures or eyeglasses. Leave these items off when you get ready on the day of your appointment -- then you won't have to worry about removing them and potentially losing them when you get to the office -- or leave them in your vehicle or another safe place while you're having your CT scan done.

As you can see, getting dressed and ready for a CT scan is really pretty simple. However, you'll want to keep these tips in mind when getting dressed for your appointment. Then, you won't have to worry about your clothing causing any problems when you are having your CT scan done.