There Is Never an Excuse to ignore High Blood PressureThere Is Never an Excuse to ignore High Blood Pressure

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There Is Never an Excuse to ignore High Blood Pressure

I used to thinkt that people in good health just had "healthy genes" and that daily habits didn't affect health very much. Due to that belief, when my doctor diagnosed me with high blood pressure and prescribed a medication to treat it, I didn't take it at first. I soon got a health "wake up call" when I began experiencing chest pains. My wife took me to the ER and, thankfully, they determined I wasn't having a heart attack, like I thought I was. The next day, I began taking my medication and living a healthier lifestyle. Soon, I was able to stop the medication due to my lifestyle changes, but I still monitor my blood pressure at home just to "stay on the safe side." I wanted to share my story to help others and plan to post many more health tips on my new blog.



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3 Tips For Getting Your Newborn To Sleep Better

It is no secret that most newborns do not sleep well at night. They are generally a bit backwards in their sleep patterns when they are first born, and you slowly have to teach them to sleep during the night and not the day. However, there are certain things that you can do that will help you get your newborn on more of a sleep during the night and nap during the day schedule. This article will include 3 newborn care tips for getting your baby to sleep better.

Swaddle Them

In the womb, your child was used to being confined to a small area where they couldn't move much. For this reason, you should consider swaddling your child before naps and at bedtime. You swaddle your child by wrapping them up in a blanket that confines both their arms and their legs from moving. You can use a specific blanket made for swaddling that is thin, and you basically simulate a burrito wrap when wrapping them up. This simulates what your child felt like in the womb, making them feel more comfortable and secure while they sleep. They are also less likely to flail their arms or accidentally hit or scratch themselves, which is also great because they will be less likely to accidentally wake themselves up. 

Feed Them Right Before Bed

Since newborns need to be fed every 3 hours during the day, and as often as they wake up at night (at least in the beginning), the key to getting them to sleep is to keep them full. As part of your bedtime routine, you should include nursing or bottle feeding very last. Start off by giving them a warm, soothing bath, and then go ahead and feed them. Try your best to get them to drink a good amount before falling asleep, or else they will be waking up earlier to eat again. Once they are done, go ahead and burp them and then swaddle them and lay them down in their bed.

Use A Sound Machine 

​Your newborn may have a hard time sleeping if there is a lot of other noise around them, or if the room that they are in is completely silent. They are used to different levels of noise from the womb, so to simulate this noise you can get a sound machine. This machine will create a white noise type of sound that will help to keep your newborn soothed and asleep for longer.